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Start Before You're Ready!

Start Before You're Ready!

That’s what someone told me while at a healing heart retreat a few weeks ago.

Start before you are ready…’s true, isn’t it?

Because most of us wait…..wait for the perfect time when we will supposedly have it all together. That perfect time when the stars align, your makeup is just right, you’re wearing the perfect clothes, your meditation is on point, your love life is running smoothly, your kids are saying yes to your every request and you have the finances to do what you want when you want to do it.

But that day never comes, does it?

There’s never a moment in time when everything is as we want it to be and if it is it’s for that split second. And rather than starting some project that we’ve longed to start in that glorious split second of perfection I think we’d much rather revel in the bliss of that moment wouldn’t we?

What I’m trying to say is there is never that perfect moment. Right now is that perfect moment. the key is finding the balance in the chaos instead of waiting to live.

This is something I’m slowly learning.

My hair is thrown up in a bun, I haven’t taken a shower today yet, I have to make lunches for the kids but I’m committing to writing. I’m committing to starting this blog and expressing my truth in the midst of my perceived incomplete readiness to start.

So is there something you’ve wanted to start forever but you keep putting it off because the timing doesn’t feel right! If you’re like me it’s never going to feel right!

Dive in……learn how to swim. Become a really strong swimmer and navigate those waves.

Don’t take that dream to the grave. We need to hear your voice. Your voice matters.

Please comment below and let me know if there is something you’ve avoided starting because you didn’t feel you have all you need to start!! I’d love to hear about it?

Remember we are all in this together!!

Deep love from my heart to yours,

Fi xxoo

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