Hello, my name is Fiona but you can call me Fi.

I’m a 30-something-year-old mom of one living in the southwest of Ireland.

I’m a performer by profession and when I’m not singing on stage I teach yoga classes here in my area.

Since a young girl, I was plagued with the questions “Who am I?” and “ Why am I here?” In fact, what are we all doing here?

These questions have led me to explore everything from studying yoga in India, experiencing sexual shamanism in Las Vegas to trying plant medicines from the Amazon and much more.

I guess you could say I’m a truth seeker. I want to know the truth of this existence, live life to it’s fullest and from this place let my inner radiance be revealed.

So please if you feel called join me on this journey of revealing our radiance.

They say enlightenment isn’t a destination it’s a journey of revealing your light layer by layer. It’s a process of getting lighter and lighter. We are already light…we just need to reveal that to ourselves and let it shine.


Fi xoxo